MEPhI is one of the most famous research universities in Russia. The high quality of education and scientific research of the university is recognized worldwide. Within the framework of the international program of cooperation between researchers and industry leaders in Russia and the USA, "MIT-Russia" MEPhI became a leading partner at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The program includes internships, support for research trips of graduates, MISTI Global Teaching Labs and Global Startup Labs, as well as Russian language training at MIT.

Thanks to this partnership program, MIT student Claire Morgan Traweek worked for a month at the NESPI-based research laboratory in "Nanocenter". She studied in detail the lithography process, the quantum Hall effect, and the technology of treating the surface with gas cluster beams, also got acquainted with molecular beam epitaxy technology, learned about various semiconductors, in particular GaAs heterostructures, and got acquainted with laboratory practices and precautions taken to avoid pollution samples.

It is also possible to take internships in other NESPI units. We invite everyone. For feedback, fill out the form at the link below.
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