Current projectsResearch projects
1. "The study of new materials, methods and schemes for constructing a microwave integrated electro-optical modulator for information and telecommunication systems of the next generations", Head Vasilyevsky I.S., Department 67

2. “Investigation of plasma resonances arising from the interaction of relativistic electrons with metasurfaces”, RFBR Head Sergeeva D.Yu.

3. "Creation of physical models of a compact monochromatic radiation source", RFBR Head A. Tishchenko

4. "Development of cascade schemes for the efficient production of isotopically modified materials for fuel cycles of promising nuclear reactors and other applications" Head Smirnov A.Yu.

5. "Collective dynamic phenomena in nanofluidic systems of a nanoporous medium" Head Borman V.D.

6. "Creation of theoretical foundations for the rapid development of centrifugal isotope separation technologies"   Head Bogovalov S.V.

7. "Studies of the mechanism of gas sensitivity of semiconductor MIS structures" Head Samotaev N.N.

8. "Development of transition radiation detectors" Head Smirnov A.Yu.

9. "Digital signal processing in a specialized integrated circuit for multichannel detectors", RSF Head Shumikhin V.V.

10. "Theoretical study of nonequilibrium transport” Head Nikitenko V.R.

11. “Metasurfaces as an object and diagnostic tool” Head Sergeyeva D.Yu.

12. "Investigation of the influence of laser radiation parameters" Head G. Kotkovsky