Current projectsResearch projects
1. Development of breakthrough technologies for creation of new generation devices for power electronics, microwave, optoelectronics and sensors based on aiiin/graphene/silicon heterostructures. The aim of the project is to develop standardized, low-cost technologies in the production of power, microwave, optoelectronic, and sensor devices for various purposes on the basis of heteroepitaxial AIIIN structures and graphene in combination with silicon CMOS technology due to the formation of high-quality nanosized SiC and SiC/graphene buffer layers on substrates of monocrystalline silicon.

2. Development of quantum information transfer technologies and quantum memory registers. The aim of the work is to develop a prototype of a quantum register based on NV – centers (Nitrogen Vacancy) in diamond at room temperature, necessary for quantum teleportation of the quantum state between two remote NV-centers.

3. Research and development of a new generation pulsed laser-electronic x-ray source for medical applications. The overall goal of the project is to calculate, design and create a prototype of a pulsed laser-electronic source with the prospect of achieving 1012 photons with an energy of 40 - 60 Kev per 1 MS in a pulse. The project aims to create medical equipment for the first time able to obtain images of human vessels with millisecond exposure.

4. Development of physical, technical and technological bases of the method of finishing the surface of optical glass ceramics with accelerated cluster ion beams for precision reflecting systems with ultra-weak scattering of incident radiation. The aim of the project – experimental studies of the interaction patterns of accelerated gas cluster ions with the surface of heterogeneous materials used in precision optical systems for the development of industrial-oriented methods of finishing (polishing) ion-cluster beams.

5. Development of technology for producing low-resistance ion-doped p-layers of silicon carbide for high-power electronics. The aim of the project is to increase the efficiency and power of solid - state microwave signal sources developed by leading domestic enterprises of the electronic industry.

6. Development of THz radio vision system based on the interaction of ultrashort laser pulses with 2D and 3D nanostructures. The project is aimed at creating a system of THz radio vision with spectral resolution.

7. Advanced research on generation of THz and X-ray radiation. The project is aimed at solving a set of problems in the development of physics and technology of terahertz and diffraction radiation.