Completed projectsResearch projects
1. "The fundamental basis for the construction of complex functional intelligent logic elements and blocks based on them for distributed, multi-channel and multi-threaded computing systems"   Head Krasnyuk A.A., completed in 2019

2. "Physicotechnological foundations of nanoporous structure"   Head A. Belogorlov, completed in 2019

3. "Studies of the dynamic properties of granular nanoporous intelligent materials for a system of protection against high-energy shock effects" Head Tronin V.N., completed in 2019

4. "Dynamics of local configurations of interacting non-wetting fluid clusters in a disordered nanoporous medium" Head Borman V.D., completed in 2019

5. “The study of non-standard processes in multi-threaded cascades of gas centrifuges for the production of highly concentrated isotopes with intermediate mass numbers”, RFBR Head Borisevich V.D., completed in 2019

6. "Anisotropic collective flows and the development of methods for measuring them at the MPD NICA collider setup" The head of Taranenko A.V., completed in 2019.

7. "Hybrid structures based on polymers and nanocrystals for the creation of thin-film, small-sized and alternative power sources" Head Chistyakov A.A., completed in 2019.

8. “Development of a data concentration method and its implementation as part of a radiation-resistant CMOS specialized chip for experimental MPD and BM&N installations” Head Atkin E.V., completed in January 2020.