Laboratory layout of the Scientific and Educational Center of the Institute for Nanoengineering in Electronics, Spintronics and Photonics (NESPI) MEPhI

The NESPI Research and Education Center has an advanced line of research and technological equipment, which allows a full cycle of research and development in the field of physics and technology of heterostructured electronics based on III – V compounds, group III nitrides, and silicon carbide. NESPI equipment is located in clean rooms of class ISO 8 - ISO 6, which have developed engineering infrastructure (filtration and air conditioning systems, water treatment, gas supply). The total area of ​​the Center’s production facilities is about 1000 m2.

Amplification microwave module of medium and high power centimeter frequency range for use in the onboard equipment of the Glonass-K

Medium-Power Microwave Amplifier Module AlGaN / GaN operating frequency range 14 ... 15 GHz; gain at the central frequency of the operating range during compression of 1 dB - at least 7 dB; maximum output power level in continuous mode - at least 7.5 W; rated supply voltage ("drain-source") - not less than 48 V; coefficient of performance (with compression at the output of 3 dB) - not less than 30%;

Biological aerosol detection device based on flow-through optical technology “Trigger-BIO”

An automatic small-sized device for detecting biological aerosols, including viruses, bacteria and bacterial toxins, in real time, based on flow-through-optical technology using UV radiation LEDs, has been created. Detection is carried out by monitoring the surface air layer and determining the presence in the sample of a potentially hazardous biological aerosol. A feature of the technology is the excitation and recording of spectral information from a single particle in a stream, the continuous processing of this information by comparative analysis of the scattering and luminescence intensities in the selected spectral ranges, and comparison of the results of statistical processing. Analysis time is 15 s.

Complex for the protection of the information infrastructure of vehicles "Caravan-MEPhI" and the Method of forming a high-voltage silicon carbide diode based on ion-doped p-n structures

Employees of the Engineering Center of MEPhI have developed a hardware-software complex for protecting the information infrastructure of vehicles "Caravan-MEPhI" to create a domestic intelligent transport system

The basic technology of radiation-oriented design

As part of the scientific work of the Center for Extreme and Applied Electronics, NRNU MEPhI, the basic technology of radiation-oriented design of a wide range of microwave products of the system-on-chip and system-in-case type was developed. The proposed approach will provide Russian semiconductor factories with orders for design centers, reducing the time and cost of developing an electronic component base for solid-state microwave electronics for commercial, industrial, space and other purposes.

GEANT4 simulation of single faults in digital integrated circuits

The approach is based on Monte Carlo modeling of the spectrum of linear energy losses of secondary particles obtained by the interaction of protons with matter. An engineering formula is obtained for the estimated recalculation of the fault cross section between the data on protons and heavy charged particles.