NESPI's fleet of research equipment allows comprehensive studies of structure parameters from crystals and thin films to finished devices and devices.

The complex includes the installation Shared service center " Nanotechnology in electronics, spintronics and photonics", including measuring complex on the basis of installations of the company "Agilent "and probe stations" Cascade Microtech " is designed to accurately change the static VAC and microwave S-parameters of instrument structures directly on the plate before separation into crystals, as well as scanning electron microscope Tescan LYRA3 SEM-FIB with integrated ion column (SEM-FIB) is a high-quality system for visualization and analysis of the surface of samples with the possibility of processing and modification of the surface of the sample with a focused gallium ion beam.

To carry out a wide range of tests of devices for reliability and radiation resistance, the complex of the center of extreme applied electronics and АО "ЭНПО СПЭЛС", as part of which there are unique installations developed in MEPhI, for example Gamma installation «Panorama «MEPhI»(60Co,137Cs)

This installation is designed for testing, including calibration, semiconductor devices and integrated circuits on the effects of stationary ionizing radiation and the study of surface radiation effects (accumulated dose), as well as testing under the influence of low-intensity radiation in the range of 0.001...0.1 R/s.

The unique laboratory complex of NESPI allows to implement promising research and development projects in advanced fields of science and technology.