PhD thesis in NESPI
We invite you to participate in the extended meeting of the scientific and technical Council of the Institute of nanotechnology in electronics, spitronics and Photonics, which will be held on October 11, 2018 in the conference hall of the 3rd floor of the main building. Subpoena. 1. Pre-defense of the dissertation by Ponomarenko Alexander Alexandrovich "terahertz radiation of Smith-Parsell and Vavilov-Cherenkov from electron beams moving in the channel in dielectric" for the degree of candidate of physical and mathematical Sciences in the specialty 01.04.02-"Theoretical physics". Supervisor: doctor of physical and mathematical Sciences, Professor Strikhanov Mikhail Nikolaevich. Scientific adviser: candidate of physico-mathematical Sciences Alexey Tishchenko V. (abstract is attached); 2. Overcurrent dissertation birthplace of Alexander "Calculation-experimental evaluation of the radiation resistance of bipolar devices when operating in variable conditions of outer space" on competition of a scientific degree of candidate of technical Sciences, specialty 05.27.01 - "Solid-state electronics, radioelectronic components, micro - and nanoelectronics, devices on quantum effects". Supervisor: doctor of technical Sciences, Professor Vyacheslav Pershenkov (abstract attached); 3. Any Other Business.
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