19.02.2020 International competition of scientific and technical projects «INRADEL 2020»
The new VII season of "INRADEL" has begun, that aimed to prepare promising innovative scientific and technical projects in the field of electronics ranging from the prototype stage to practical implementation.

Organizers: Leading Analytical Industry Center of JSC Central Research Institute of Electronics with the support of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.

The INRADEL project is not just a competition “Innovative Radio Electronics”, it is a hardware ecosystem of support for startups at the pre-launch stage. For the seventh year, we help young innovators (undergraduate and graduate students) and young scientists under the age of 35 to pump their development over six months of intensive work.

In the VII season of the competition, 5 areas are identified:
§ digital technologies (bid date; new manufacturing technologies; industrial Internet; wireless technologies; robotics and sensor components; quantum technologies; distributed registry systems; AI; VR and AR technologies);
§ biotechnologies (ecology, medical equipment, agricultural solutions);
§ communication technologies (telecommunications);
§ industry 4.0 (industrial robotics, IoT);
§ microelectronics.

A wide educational program is waiting the participants: popular science events, a two-day intensive for INRADEL CAMP 2020 startups, partner events, a video course, as well as traditional participation in international exhibitions and excursions to leading industry and IT companies.

The authors of the best works of the season will be awarded with special prizes from representatives of the electronic industry. The best projects of the season will take part in the Russian-Chinese Industrial Innovation Award INNOVATION AWARDS and will share a cash prize fund of 3 million rubles (September 2020).

Go from prototype to startup with INRADEL!
Registration until March 1, 2020 * * registration deadlines can be extended, relevant information on inradel.ru. Applications are accepted on the official website in the "Registration" section.
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