09.05.2020 Summer School for Students

Modern electronics is developing rapidly and dynamically. At present, technologies are being actively developed to ensure such processing and transmission speeds of information that several years ago seemed almost unattainable. The use of heterostructures and wide-gap semiconductors has opened up new prospects for the development of high-voltage, power, and microwave electronics. The introduction of new technologies allowed us to significantly expand the operating temperature range of new integrated circuits and other electronic products, to increase their reliability and radiation resistance. The results achieved open up new opportunities for the development of the electronics of spacecraft, nuclear power plants, and research physics facilities. The use of new materials requires constant research in the field of physics of microelectronic structures, the development of fundamentally new circuitry and technological solutions.
During the training, such lectures as, for example, “Prospects of modern electronics”, “Technologies of modern electronics and nanoelectronics”, “Design of modern integrated circuits and systems on a chip” will be held.
Target audience of participants: undergraduate students studying in various areas of training related to electronics, radio engineering and instrument engineering. Language: Russian.
Registration will be available on the site https://inter.mephi.ru/.
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