18.05.2020 4th International Scientific Seminar “Organic Photovoltaics-20”
May 18-20, 2020

Scientific Program

May 18
17.00-17.10 Introductory words. Prof. V.R. Nikitenko, MEPhI.
17.10-18.00 Invited talk. Prof. J.-M. Nunzi, Queens University, Kingston, Canada.
Review of electron transport interfaces for perovskite solar cells
18.00-18.30 Discussion
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May 20. Oral talks
O1. 17.30-18.00 Prof. Nikitenko V.R.
On the description of hopping transport by the multiple trapping model.
O2. 18.00-18.20 A.Yu. Saunina
An analysis of I-V characteristics of QD-based photovoltaic cells from a theoretical model.
O3.18.20-18.40 M.D. Khan
On the charge mobility in disordered organics from photo-CELIV measurements
18.40-19.00 Final discussion.
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