02.11.2018 NESPI took part in the forum

In the forum Chinese-Russian Science Day. the Chinese delegation was headed by Deputy Minister of science and technology Zhang jiango. At a joint seminar on the transition to new materials and methods of design, Director of NESPI Kargin Nikolai Ivanovich spoke about the new direction of the University in the framework of the project implemented with the support of the Ministry of education and science to develop components of integrated microwave radio photonics: "This is one of the promising scientific and technological areas at the intersection of microwave electronics and Photonics, a unique combination of properties which can significantly increase the bandwidth of communication systems., frequency range of information transmission devices and increase noise immunity of transmitting and receiving devices".

representatives of the Institute of nanotechnology in electronics, spintronics and Photonics Roman Ryzhuk and Roman Zakharchenko presented at the forum the results of the development of REC "Nanotechnology", such as discrete transistors on the GaAs and GaN platforms, the matrix of LEDs based on InGaN, as well as a power amplifier based on gallium nitride, intended for use in radio communication devices, onboard equipment of spacecraft, as objects with an increased level of radiation.

Developments aroused great interest among representatives of scientific and commercial organizations. The first Deputy Minister of the Ministry of science and higher education of the Russian Federation Trubnikov Grigory Vladimirovich was interested in technological details of manufacturing of devices of solid-state electronics.

General Director of the Directorate of scientific and technical programs Andrey Petrov, in turn, paid much attention to the issue of commercialization of the presented developments.

during the forum, participants exchanged information materials and contact details.
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