• 18.12.2018 Students of the Lyceum 1511 under guidance of a graduate student of the department 27 took part in the final stage of the Kvantoriada
    Participants were given the same sets of microbial fuel cells. All have one task: to make it work. Participants have three days to complete this task. At home, the contestants worked with natural cultures, with microbial communities and with various types of microbial fuel cells chosen at their own will. The main task of the correspondence stage was to understand the principle of functioning of the MFC, to understand its engineering design in order to apply this knowledge in the final. Lyceum students 1511 were engaged in the development under the strict guidance of a graduate student of the department 27 Yulia Shaltayeva. The most important task at the internal stage is to make MFC work. During the competition, students were interviewed in which they described in detail the stages of their work and achievements. The guys from our team MFC earned the most efficiently, which is why the team of Lyceum No. 1511 became the absolute winner in their own direction, and also received the audience award.
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