18.03.2019 Young employees of 67 department - Anastasia Feschenko and Daria Danilova - participated in the School on scientific communication COST-THOR Spring School on Science Communication, held in Prague.
School participants learned the basics of modern methods used in conducting exhibitions, master classes and other events in scientific fields and conducting educational activities in social networks and using Internet podcasts. In addition to the lecture work, the school included group work on one of four projects for the popularization of science: 1) the creation of an animated film on the subject of the theory of hot matter and collisions of relativistic heavy ions; 2) the creation of a quest based on the stay at the Large Hadron Collider; 3) a bar quiz on scientific topics; 4) the creation of a podcast, destroying the most popular and ridiculous myths associated with science (for example, that at the LHC, scientists create black holes that someday explode the Earth).
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