21.03.2019 In February, March and April, workshops of the Nanotechnology Society of Russia were held at MEPHI.
From the latest reports: April 18 at 15-00. Speaker: Vladimir Egorov, Institute of Problems of Microelectronics Technology, Russian Academy of Sciences, Chernogolovka, Moscow Region The topic of the seminar was “Ion-beam diagnostics of light elements”. March 21 at 15-00. Speaker: Leading Researcher, Institute of Electrochemistry. A.N. Frumkina RAS, a member of the expert council of the Concern "Nanoindustry", Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor Alexandra A. Revina. Topic: Self-organization of metal nanoparticles in reverse micelles. February 21 at 15-00 a scientific seminar of NSR NRNU “MEPHI” was held. Speaker: Professor of the Russian Academy of Sciences and SkolTeh Artem Oganov. The topic of the seminar was “Methods of predicting the properties of a crystal structure”. Artem Oganov is a world-renowned chemist-crystallographer. He was listed in the list of "10 most successful Russian scientists” by Forbes magazine and expert journals of the Russian Federation distinguish him among the "100 most influential Russians."
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