11.2016 Efficient cleaning of graphene from residual lithographic polymers by ozone treatment
We present an experimental study of time dependent ozone treatment on post-process epitaxial graphene using both electron transport measurements and resonant micro-Raman spectroscopy. We focus on a systematic analysis of residual polymer decomposition on the epitaxial graphene on SiC substrate. It was found that graphene could be effectively cleaned by ultraviolet (UV)/ozone treatment after nanofabrication from residual lithographic polymers. This procedure improves the charge carrier mobility, almost by a factor of two for strongly contaminated samples, decreases the doping level and does not introduce defect inside the graphene lattice. It was found that epitaxial SiC graphene is extremely stable when exposed to radical oxygen atoms. We ascribe this effect to the substrate topography, which significantly affects the graphene stability under UV/ozone treatment. Our calculations reveal that surface roughness of the SiC substrate can change the energy gain from epoxy group adsorption by a few tenths of electron volts.
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