08.08.2017 Compact Modeling of MOSFET I-V Characteristics and Simulation of Dose-Dependent Drain Currents
We have presented a compact MOSFET model, which allows us to describe the currentvoltage characteristics of irradiated long-channel and short-channel transistors in all operation modes at different measurement temperatures and interface trap densities. The model allows simulating of the OFF-state and the ON-state drain currents of irradiated MOSFETs based on an equal footing. Particularly, a novel compact model of the rebound effect in the n-MOSFETs was employed for the simulation of the total dose dependencies of drain currents in the highly scaled 60-nm node circuits irradiated up to 1 Grad. Compatibility of the model parameter set with BSIM and a single closed form of the model equation imply the possibility of its easy implementation into the standard CAD tools.
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